The Importance of Instagram for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - By Egniol

The Importance of Instagram for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Is Instagram important for business? Is there a digital marketing strategy in place at your company? The answer should be yes for both, in our opinion. A lot of individuals miss out on one of the finest Visual Marketing tools out there by not using Instagram for their company.
Over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories users use the famous visual-first social media platform. With this social network’s widespread popularity and the growth of visual marketing, every small business, Startups and not-for-profit needs to consider Instagram for their social marketing plan. Instagram brings us a world of marketing possibilities that aren’t available on other social media platforms.

What is Instagram marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy?

Instagram Marketing is merely another approach for spreading your marketing products through a specific digital platform. Moreover, what makes Instagram such a brilliant platform is that, many people are discovering that they can use influencer marketing to reach a larger audience.

Instagram may also assist you in increasing brand recognition and introducing new products. 130 million Instagram users interact with shopping content each month. Instagram enables you to market your business and product in a genuine, authentic manner, without hard selling to your clients.

What is Instagram marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy? - By Egniol

Why your start-up should use Instagram

Visual Marketing – On every social network, images quickly pull people in and capture their attention. Instagram, which is solely dedicated to photographs, entices a user’s interest on a regular basis. In the same manner, with its eye-catching photographs, simple creativity, and filters, is an easy and distinctive approach to promote your brand. In addition,  excellent location to advertise your company, Instagram has approximately 70 million photos and videos posted every day. Engaging Instagram strategies can assist enhance engagement and ROI.

Credibility – Digital credibility is essential for online success, and Instagram is an excellent platform for establishing credibility in your business. Share your extensive knowledge in your area on Instagram, whether through advice, fun facts, or the quality of your work. For instance, an interior designer firm, posting images of a large living room is a terrific approach to demonstrate trustworthiness. Along with your photo, your caption can provide advice on how to effectively arrange furniture to make a space appear larger. Whatever your business, Instagram may be a terrific method to share your expertise in the field.

Website Traffic – The images you post on Instagram will pique the interest of viewers who want to learn more about your work. A link to your website in your profile and particular page references in photo captions might improve website traffic! Furthermore, Instagram referrals and higher social rankings will benefit your site’s SEO (search engine optimization).

The multi-generational medium – Unlike Snapchat, (popular among youth)  , LinkedIn (popular among professionals) – Instagram is for everyone. Instagram bridges any divide by bringing together diverse groups of people via the power of photos. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at pictures? On Instagram, you may discover people from practically any walk of life.

What is Instagram marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy? - By Egniol

Does Instagram marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy really matter?

All of the social platforms appear to provide the same advantages. However, Instagram’s networking and broadcasting functions may also help your organization. It helps by establishing an identity, build trust, market your products/services, and drive people to your website. If your business is heavily visual (visual products, services, events, etc. ), you should think consider Instagram.


What are your next actions now that you know more about Instagram marketing? Why not read Marketing for Digital Age and Social Media Marketing Myths to better understand your efforts!

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