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SaaS in India – The Next Big Thing

For a long time, technological advancements have altered the way firms do their work. Software has also been embraced by numerous micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs). Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have been a major force behind the rapid expansion of the SaaS market.

In India, the need for SaaS is not only fueling company expansion, but it has also resulted in numerous new businesses. Software as a service, or SaaS, is what it means. Hosting an application and making it available to customers through the internet is how a Software as a service firm functions.

Consistency in innovation and consistency in the generation of value are both critical to corporate growth. Innovation and value are continually being delivered by the Software as a service sector in India. It is clear that the Indian SaaS industry has a lot of promise and will continue to develop in the future.

  • It is inevitable that technology will advance. Progress also opens the door to lower-cost, more flexible product development, which is an ideal formula for long-term success.
  • People are constantly on the lookout for methods to get more product for their money while still paying less. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of these opportunities thanks to SaaS.
  • The Software as a service market in India is predicted to develop at a 36 percent annual rate, according to industry analysts, because the Indian market is yet untouched.

The following are the reasons why SaaS will be India's next big thing

Many young entrepreneurs are joining the market in India as the start-up ecosystem matures, and they hope to make a positive influence on the lives of Indians. Consumer Internet firms based in India have grown rapidly in recent years. This is a great opportunity for India to be a major player in the world of services and increase the efficiency of businesses around the globe.

  1. The majority of people in India are opting for mobile first. Mobile is the first device people use to access the internet, and penetration will continue to grow.
  2. 40% of the country’s exports originate from SME’s operating in the conventional manner. They have several operational and supply chain inefficiencies that SaaS products may address.
  3. Even other industries such as human resources, recruiting, education and training, and healthcare require IT infrastructure that may transform the way these services and enterprises operate.

SaaS entered India more than a decade ago, catering to international clientele. Indian businesses have just recently recognized the benefits of SaaS for company operations. Soon after, businesses with huge teams began implementing software to manage their company operations. However, as time passed, even startups recognized the value of automation and convenience of company operation that software provides.

  • Product Leadership

For the first time, Indian SaaS entrepreneurs are investing in world-class products and exploring new disruptive use cases that might have global impact. It is estimated that more than 500,000 highly skilled software product managers work on these globally competitive SaaS products, which may be used by startup SaaS companies to gain full control of new products and services. Rapid product development is aided by the convergence of technologies that are utilized to create various goods.

  • Entrepreneurship Explosion

In the last five years alone, there has been a two-fold rise in the number of SaaS firms in India, highlighting the rapid growth of Indian SaaS start-ups. Because of this, the ecosystem is being sped up by entrepreneurs passing on their wisdom to the next generation of entrepreneurs, allowing them to benefit from their own experiences as entrepreneurs. These individuals are giving back to the ecology in which they live.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is provided around the clock by 500,000+ Business Process executives and over 120,000+ inside sales specialists in India, who have a strong focus on increasing the net promoter score for both local and foreign consumers. In order to gain and keep clients for longer periods of time, seventy-five percent of worldwide software businesses currently use this expertise.

  • Advantage of Talent

Emerging technologies like AI, ML, IOT (Internet of Things), Low Code/No Code, etc. are receiving a lot of attention. This specialized talent pool is expected to almost quadruple in size to serve these emphasis areas. These new employees can be trained and their product solutions can mature faster by SaaS businesses, who can also attract attrite talent in search of higher incentives and work portfolios. Some of the unmet demands of SaaS technological talent will be covered by this.

The Indian SaaS Industry’s Growth Prospects and Future 

The number of SaaS companies in India has nearly quadrupled, indicating that the SaaS business is booming in India. India presently contributes for just 2.6 percent of the worldwide SaaS industry, and this figure is expected to rise. Several favorable variables, such as a digitally trained workforce, an established ecosystem, financing and product innovation, make India’s SaaS sector the heart of a big revolution worth trillions of dollars worldwide. SaaS enterprises in India need to establish a few fundamental business rules and guiding principles from the outset in order to get off to a strong start in the market.

As a result of their extensive experience in this field, the tech consultants at Egniol are well-suited to help small enterprises and startups overcome the numerous obstacles that stand in their way. Expert and experienced counsellors at our firm are always up to date on the latest developments in the field. They are experts in a wide range of sectors and can assist you in developing a winning approach.

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