Time to switch from Volume to Value - By Egniol

Time to switch from Volume to Value

When you need a new smartphone, do you buy the cheapest, so you can add apps and accessories? Or do you choose the more expensive option for higher quality and more bells and whistles?
If you choose option 2, you value quality over quantity. And this maxim is becoming more important in the workplace.

Volume vs. Value

According to Leo Sun’s Business Dictionary article “The Importance of Quality Over Quantity,” historically, businesses sold the most products at the highest margins. Quality has taken centre stage with online content consumption. Most people check online reviews before buying a product or service.

Excellent service increases the likelihood that business-to-business customers will recommend your company. Sales rise.

We would be wise to prioritise quality over quantity for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are listed below:

Time to switch from Volume to Value - By Egniol

More for the Money
When you prioritise quality over quantity, you open the door to a meaningful experience proportional to your effort.
Choosing quality over quantity is the best way to find meaning and happiness in life.

Resource Management
If you prioritise quantity over quality, you’ll take the quickest route to meaning and save valuable resources. These resources include: Time, Money, Energy (physical, mental)
By setting aside some of these resources, we can better direct them toward important activities and causes.

Deeper quality
Quality will always provide more depth than quantity, whether it’s books or people.
As long as we are interested and engaged, we will have a positive attitude in any situation.

Quality improves outcomes.
Putting more emphasis on quality over quantity usually yields better results in our lives. A single high-quality relationship will bring us more physical and emotional benefits than three average relationships

Quality usually means faster results. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss some areas where quality trumps quantity.

Do you want more or better as a business owner? Astute business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers usually choose the latter. Your brand’s success and credibility increase with high-quality marketing materials, leads, customers, interactions, and final product. Adopting these strategies can help budgets, employee and customer retention, and save time.

Every aspect of a company, from its website to its newest products, needs quality assurance. Quality vs. quantity can affect all areas of your company. Want to improve sales, marketing, employee morale, and profitability? Yes, here are seven quality-over-quantity strategies.

1. Improve the quality of sales leads.

Time to switch from Volume to Value - By Egniol

The efficiency of your sales process is dependent on the accuracy of your customer information. This goes beyond mere precision. The time spent on research, data entry, and fruitless leads is time that could be spent closing deals. Better reporting, automation, and segmentation are all made possible by high-quality leads.

2. Be sure that everything you sell is in pristine condition.

Quality usually outweighs quantity, and it’s not uncommon for one exceptional option to be worth 100 or more less desirable choices. Did you know that upscale boutiques typically have much fewer shelves than discount department stores? Boutiques have a number of advantages over larger businesses, including lower overhead, a more reliable customer base, and a higher potential for profit.

3. Avoid quick fixes for SEO

Black hat techniques are well-known in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). These are unethical methods used to artificially increase a website’s popularity, and they are usually only effective temporarily before search engine algorithms detect and punish them. Duplicate content and/or websites are a common tactic. In spite of the fact that it might seem like having multiple sites with identical content would improve your SEO, this strategy can backfire. Instead of focusing on a number of sites of varying quality, concentrate on one excellent one.

4. Cultivate relationships with outstanding employees.

There is always the risk of losing both superstar and average employees, but losing the best could be devastating. You should do everything in your power to keep your most talented employees. Provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and advance their careers as a way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Then they won’t leave before you’re ready for them to.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by rejecting your most talented employees for the sake of being fair to those who still have a ways to go in terms of development. To avoid the disruption caused by the departure of key employees, invest the time and resources that are reasonable under the circumstances.

5. Implement focused marketing campaigns.

Advertise like a sniper. It’s more cost-effective to target a specific demographic through research and targeted advertising than to buy thousands of inserts in the local daily paper. It’s the difference between stalking your quarry in the wilderness and waiting for the perfect shot, versus firing a machine gun blindly into the brush.

6. Be wary of automated customer service.

Automation in customer service (CS) is usually a last resort, used only when a company genuinely cannot provide adequate CS in any other way. It’s better to invest in continually training the best customer service representatives than to let callers get lost in a sea of pressing buttons. Inundated with phone calls? If so, that’s an indication that human customer service agents are needed rather than being overwhelmed by automation.

7. The risk of collecting social media followers

Getting a lot of “likes” on your posts is a slippery slope that won’t guarantee your business’ success. No one is connecting with your audience if there are no comments and little interaction. Why bother getting all those likes if your page is deserted? 

Therefore, having meaningful relationships online is more important than keeping yourself safe. In the short-term, quantity matters more than quality, but quantity is still important. 

This is not only true in regards to nourishment, but also relates to other aspects of life. They are crucial to the growth of your company and the quality of your personal connections. Concentration helps a business grow in an organic way. There are no shortcuts to commercial success, no matter how long the wait. We at Egniol assist you with not only improving the quality of your product, but also assist you in availing different programmes and schemes for achieving the desired quality check. 

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