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How Does Website Speed Affect Your Website Ranking?

The speed of a website is crucial. Google considers it a ranking factor. Google has provided developers and webmasters with tools to increase page loading speed. This includes Google Lighthouse.

How does Page Speed Insights work? Page speed affects SEO? This article explains everything.

Previously, Page Speed Insights Tool was bad. Most of the information was elsewhere and didn’t indicate speed. Google recently upgraded the feature, though. It’s also harder to understand.

This tool has gained popularity among SEOs thanks to Page Speed Insights, which is powered by Lighthouse but displays the information in an easy-to-understand style on a web page.

How Does Google PageSpeed Insights Work?

Page Speed Insights is a Google tool for analysing website performance. The tools are primarily concerned with technical SEO, but they also assess User Experience and accessibility. 

Page Speed Insights can be found at

After you enter the URL, the tool will return a page with website performance results. A general score is the average of multiple factors. What affects your speed is explained below.

Google has other Page Speed tools. Mod page speed, a server module, can help with speed issues, as can Chrome’s Lighthouse (a site analysis tool). Page Speed Insights has Chrome extensions. We’ll cover each briefly, but we’ll focus on Page Speed Insights because it’s the tool most SEOs use to check a website.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Google gives two scores for a page: one for mobile and one for desktop.

Page Speed Tool initially only provided a Desktop score. In recent years, mobile use has grown. 50% of search engine users use mobile devices in 2018. As Google switched to a mobile-first index, they prioritised testing mobile speed.

However, many mobile users still rely on 3G signals and expect the website to load quickly despite their slower connection speeds. Exactly. Connection speed matters more than your website. The connection speed is slow, not your website.

Desktop: It has a faster connection, so it scores higher. Light and fibre optics are similar. Unless you’re in the UK and have cups-and-string internet. Thus, the website undergoes the same testing, with the primary difference being the connection speed. Mobile devices have slower connections, so they’re prioritised. Before 5G arrives, prioritise mobile website speed.

What is the definition of Page Speed?

How does website speed affect your website ranking? - By Egniol

Page Speed refers to how rapidly a website’s pages load. Pictures and scripting can affect page speeds.

Because speed is relative. It relies on the website’s performance, the server’s performance, the web page you’re on, the connection type, the user’s internet service provider, the internet plan, the device’s processing capacity, the Browser, what the user is doing, how many apps are running, etc.

We can just use our website and server. Rest is beyond our control. Page speed isn’t a statistic, as Page Speed Insights shows. It’s how long a website takes to load. Yes, that’s the problem.

That’s why Google Page Speed Insights wasn’t very good in the past. It didn’t quite offer you information about how fast your website is actually loading. Just scores.

This updated version is awesome. It preserves the previous edition’s key features while offering more loading speed data. Load time is obviously important. Some scripts can be executed at the end of a process because they’re not strictly necessary at the start.

They may load slowly, increasing total loading time. If visitors can still utilise the site, that’s no big deal.

Consider executing an exit intent pop-up script. This script would load in 5-10 seconds. After 20-30 seconds, show it to the user.

If you start your script immediately, you might delay loading other elements, such as the above-the-fold content. This is a bad idea when you won’t require the script for 20-30 seconds. You can delay the script’s loading for a better user experience.

You shouldn’t load a script that enables menus or improves page usability at the end. It would be bad if users couldn’t use that feature before the programme launched.

Does Page Speed Affect SEO? Important 100/100 Insights?

How does website speed affect your website ranking? - By Egniol

Page speed affects SEO. Google’s Algorithm Speed Update ranked pages by speed. Speed affects rankings by increasing bounce rate and reducing dwell time.  Google is user-focused. Google finds 3G slow. After 3 seconds, users leave. Google doesn’t rank poor-UX sites.  Speed is measured in seconds, not 0 to 100 points. PageSpeed Insights improves speed, but its score is meaningless.

Improve Page Speed Score.


Google’s score isn’t a ranking factor. Googles? Score-using? Maybe… I’ve seen websites with perfect pagespeed ratings rank poorly and others rank well (#youtube).  Consider Google’s testing methodologies. Where are tests conducted? Google tests your Romanian server on US 3G. Slowdown.  Users should prioritise load time. Not only PageSpeed. I’ll teach you techniques to test your website’s speed later.

Google’s reliability is questionable.

Google PageSpeed Insights recommends loading Google Analytics in the footer. Google Analytics must be inserted in your website’s head> section to work properly. Doing what Google suggests, then being told not to, lowers PageSpeed Insights. Understand?

Caching the script is impossible if analytics.js is not present. Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not approve. Every time there is a change to the JavaScript for Google Analytics, your site must be updated. Any external script is vulnerable, not only those developed by Google.

Despite being purchased by Google, YouTube is still a sluggish site according to PageSpeed Insights.

If you want higher search engine rankings, you need to make your site faster. PageSpeed Insights gives you a list of things to do to make your site faster, ranked by how important they are. 

You shouldn’t worry too much about your score as long as it’s over 50, but that’s not a hard requirement. Keep in mind that load times are quantified in seconds. In general, three seconds is the gold standard for how long it takes a quality website to load. One that’s truly lightning fast can load in under a minute. Furthermore, if you need more assistance you can always contact our team of experts, at Egniol, that keep your benefits in mind to provide the results that bring out astonishing results.

Use social media platforms as a weapon.

A classic that never gets old! Most people spend a lot of time on social media; you need a presence to promote your products and services. Determine which social media platform will work best for your fintech digital marketing strategy. Because each social media site has its own pros and cons, you must first identify your ideal audience before researching which sites they are most likely to use. After this research, you can create niche-specific content.

CoinDCX is a model of fintech social media strategy. CoinDCX, India’s first cryptocurrency unicorn, uses Instagram. It offers advice, quizzes, polls, and viral memes to teach crypto currency. CoinDCX promotes its tweets on Instagram by using screenshots. Venmo, a mobile payment service, has a social media-like user interface.

Send Personalized Alerts And Messages

One of the most important factors in a company’s success is the quality of the relationships it has with its customers. One strategy is to develop a powerful system of personalised messaging that directly addresses your target audience. There is no denying the connection between timely communication and continued patronage.

Your messaging will go over extremely well if you focus on the user’s experience. Take Paytm as an example; the app’s clever and helpful reminders to users about paying bills on time are just one example of its many positive features. Ingenious and effective use of memes, current events, and regional dialects to convey meaning.

Make Your Brand a Jargon People Use Everywhere

A small number of companies, both in the fintech and non-fintech sectors, have succeeded in implementing this strategy. Take Xerox as an illustration; the word “Xerox” has completely supplanted the term “photocopy” in India.

Paytm is an Indian fintech company that has achieved this. The slogan “Paytm Karo” has effectively replaced the phrase “UPI transaction.” An experienced digital marketing agency for fintech can be an invaluable asset in helping you take your brand to new heights if you aspire to reach this level of fame.

Investigate Opportunities With Existing Clients

Nothing beats expanding business with existing customers. They’re easy to cross-sell or up-sell.  CRED explores opportunities with existing customers. Their newly launched CRED Mint is an investment platform where existing members can invest their idle money and earn up to 9%. Members can invest knowing their money will go to creditworthy people.

Existing customers can become brand advocates through online referral marketing. This digital marketing strategy for fintech must be put together carefully, as you must weigh immediate rewards versus credit bonuses.

Affiliate programmes can expand your customer base. Paying them only if they make a sale is a win-win. To get relevant traffic, you want your links on reputable, authoritative sites.

The above fintech marketing strategies can help you attract funding, reach new customers, and challenge legacy players. We at Egniol (The best startup consultants in India) want to assist you in setting up new milestones, by prioritising your needs and making your dreams come true with the help of our team of experts.

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