How To Get WhatsApp Green Tick Verification For Your Business? - By Egniol

How To Get WhatsApp Green Tick Verification For Your Business?

WhatsApp green tick verification

WhatsApp’s Business feature WhatsApp green tick verification is becoming more useful for companies to communicate with their clients for a variety of reasons, including automated updates like order-related notifications, WhatsApp bulk messages and broadcasts, and customer assistance.

Customers can benefit greatly from WhatsApp as well, as it allows them to receive real-time updates and start conversations with brands without any friction. However, businesses should remember that WhatsApp is still a private messaging app, and they need not be invasive in order to prevent losing customers’ trust.

Getting your business verified by WhatsApp Green Tick Verification and earning the coveted green checkmark emblem is a quick and easy approach to increase credibility.

What is the WhatsApp Green Tick?

There will now be a WhatsApp Green Tick emblem on the profile of your WhatsApp API number. Once WhatsApp verifies your business profile, you will be given this green tick badge to show that your account is an Official Business Account.

What benefits does the WhatsApp Green Tick Verified Badge offer?

How To Get WhatsApp Green Tick Verification For Your Business? - By Egniol

Your brand is genuine, original, and trustworthy if it has a green tick.

  • Your brand will be visible to consumers even if they don’t manually enter your contact information. Better relying on!
  • By earning the “Green tick” badge, you may find that fewer consumers choose to “block” you.
  • As an added bonus, it may boost your recipients’ propensity to read their messages, so maximising the value of your messaging investment.
  • Long term, it has the potential to become an integral component of your brand’s identity.

Which industries do not qualify for the WhatsApp Green Tick Badge?

How To Get WhatsApp Green Tick Verification For Your Business? - By Egniol

WhatsApp prohibits certain industries from obtaining Green Tick Verification. Additionally, businesses in certain industries cannot apply for WhatsApp API access. Even if they do, WhatsApp rejects their application.

The ineligible industries include:

  • Adult Product/Services
  • Alcohol Brands
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Dating Services
  • Drugs & Tobacco Items
  • Gambling Businesses
  • Medical & Healthcare Products
  • Weapons & Ammunition Businesses

The most important factor in obtaining WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

We have found that having between three and five PR pieces produced about your business significantly enhances the likelihood of your account being verified, as seen by the Verified Green Tick emblem appearing on their profiles.

Why Egniol?

Verifying your WhatsApp API is simply one of the numerous steps your organisation must take to manage WhatsApp support efficiently.

With Egniol, you can effortlessly control your whole WhatsApp API and more:

  • Obtain WhatsApp API entry
  • Obtain identification badge
  • Manage WhatsApp customer service with a shared inbox.
  • Send automated client notifications, such as cart abandonment, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, and COD order confirmation.
  • Grow your business by sending promotional WhatsApp broadcasts to your consumer lists.

Begin your WhatsApp Green Tick Verification application today

Applying for WhatsApp green tick verification and earning the app’s green badge can lend your account more authority if you use the service’s API. By doing so, you’ll gain the trust of customers not only temporarily, but permanently.

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