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Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses

Why Social Media Management Tools?

With increasing social media platforms gathering most of the internet traffic, it becomes difficult for Businesses to update content on each platform individually. Hence, a business can utilize many social media management tools to streamline its activities on social media, which helps save time while maintaining or improving efficiency.

This helps companies market their products or services to a larger audience, which these platforms boast of. It also gives additional insights to marketers which assist them to create a better and more attractive social media image.

Below-mentioned are some best social media management tools that are essential for your business’ success in the long run:

1. Name Checker

An underrated tool when starting a business, Namecheckr is essential to maintain a uniform image across all platforms. It helps check the availability of usernames and domain names across all major platforms.

Before deciding on a name for your business, Namecheckr becomes convenient while you are brainstorming. Reserving a unique name on digital platforms also becomes crucial when you register for a trademark for your entity.

A consistent name improves the recall value and establishes a strong brand image in the long run. It avoids wastage of time in the future.

2. Brand Watch

A best in its class collaboration tool, Brandwatch is indeed an all-in-one solution for a business be it posting, customer engagement, internal team communication, and more. It has one calendar that accommodates both organic & paid content for easy management. Equipped with a digital asset library, it makes life easier for the employees with an intuitive user experience.

The Cross-channel inbox feature is a boon for companies that need leads as a consolidated inbox ensures no customer is left unresponded.

This is a paid tool that is used by major brands like Coca-cola, Toyota, Columbia University, and more. So if your business has the budget to invest in such a tool then go for it!

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3. Buffer

To avoid making social media management complex, has made planning, preparing, and analyzing your social media campaigns a breeze! Integrate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media handles with Buffer to enjoy a systematic result of your work.

Skip the spam comments and only respond to important comments with the help of labels and hotkey function. Publish your posts simultaneously and get reports to enhance customer acquisition and engagement.

With monthly and yearly subscriptions available, you can try Buffer and manage up to three channels, to begin with, and then select a plan as the size and scale of your business increase!

4. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a social media automation tool which also assists you to create a constant flow of content that keeps your followers engaged. It is preferred by bloggers, coaches, realtors, fitness trainers and more professionals that wish to maintain a robust digital image.

Equipped with a limitless library, it makes building, scheduling, monitoring and growing uncomplicated across all platforms. Automation is what Meet Edgar specializes in and that’s why it’s preferred by more than 10,000 businesses.

This highly useful tool comes with monthly & annual plans catering to starters, side hustlers, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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5. Neon Tools

A must-have tool for people running online businesses, Neon Tools is One suite with all the important marketing tools and is trusted by over 60k creators and marketers.

Create customized short links (URLs), micro-landing pages, audit, sort Instagram accounts, generate QR codes and analyze hashtags with ease.

Get started and explore a wide variety of tools. If you are a small business and need digitization, this tool shall surely provide you with enough information about your social media reach.

Contact Egniol today to start with your digital journey and to avail quality social media marketing services. Let us manage your digital image and internet marketing while you focus on providing effective products and services.

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