Recruitment Trends Changing the Way to Hire - By Egniol

Recruitment Trends Changing the Way to Hire

How Recruitment Trends has changed?

Gone are the days when it was a Herculean task to find, filter, and reach out to jobseekers for hiring. Recruitment in 2022 has become much simpler where not only companies have defined the roles they’re hiring for, but multiple tools have emerged for employers and jobseekers.

The COVID-19 pandemic also forced people to be dynamic and open to new recruitment methods. As a result, ever since 2020 the world has seen significant changes in the hiring process and the attitude of employees.

Here are some notable recruitment trends that have come into place compared to the hiring in the past:

1. Video interviews have become the go-to option

If we were in 2019, video interviews were not something that companies preferred simply because both parties i.e. the employer and the candidate had the “luxury” of being in person and taking a decision based on the same. Unfortunately, this is something that both parties have had to compromise on.

However, the upside to this has been that people who reside in the same city as their employer prefer online interviews, since it helps them save time and hire the employee whom they are specifically looking for. 

2. Hybrid Working Models

Due to the pandemic, employees had to take up work from home. However, companies realized that this is going to be an ongoing affair as people had polarizing opinions about working from home, and hence this model emerged.

Depending on the profile of the candidate, flexible working hours and hybrid working styles are now a thing. Although it has now become a matter of preference for the jobseeker, it has certainly helped some companies save cost, streamline things and satisfy staff requirements, but the same can’t be said for every company.

3. Internal Hiring

Recruitment Trends Changing the Way to Hire - By Egniol

Instead of allocating additional money to recruiting budget year-on-year on getting the required talent, companies try to promote any of their present employees for the open positions. This helps them retain and upskill their employees, thus proving to be a win-win situation.

Internal hiring also saves the hassle of background checks by the company. Moreover, res killing initiatives ensure talent recognition within the company, which helps empower the employees.

4. Recruitment Marketing

Employer branding and programmed advertisements attract maximum talent by creating a positive brand image. 86% of Recruitment Managers believe that recruitment marketing will continue to strengthen in 2022.

Jobseekers try to get top global talent through ads and this has proven to be more effective after COVID as numerous people now prefer working remotely. Marketing the CSR activities done by a company also motivates jobseekers to work with them.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Recruitment Trends Changing the Way to Hire - By Egniol

Recruiting and human resource practices are increasingly being affected by the advent of Artificial Intelligence. An online survey sponsored by Oracle found that over 77% of Human Resource organizations will be using AI for talent acquisition.

AI comprises several elements that help an employer reach the person who matches their requirements. AI has helped companies like L’Oréal screen more than 1 million applicants for its 15,000 jobs a year.

Hence, it is crucial for jobseekers to not only carefully choose the words they use in their resume but thoroughly study the job description of the company where they’re applying for an optimum result.

6. Company Reputation

Jobseekers now have a plethora of companies to choose from. In these times prime emphasis is laid on the reputation of the company as the candidates are more informed than ever before about working conditions.

A strong public reputation of a company needs to be maintained as various portals now reflect the image of a company. In these turbulent times, if the employer becomes the social safety net, then it instills confidence in the candidates too and quality hiring can be expected.

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