6 Characteristics of an Effective Team - By Egniol

6 Characteristics of an Effective Team

Effective Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

With big & small businesses laying great emphasis on the importance of assembling a good team, it is essential we discuss what makes a team better than the other. Miscommunication, wrong expectations, being on a different page, and late deliveries are some mishaps that keep happening, but how do we minimise or avoid them?

Just by keeping these few things in mind, a team can become more productive and lay a strong foundation for the future. Good teamwork also develops an enhanced company culture, which benefits the new members. A team leader makes sure that the correct execution is done and members benefit off of each other.

Have a look at the below points to gain a better understanding of how an effective team should work.

1. Crystal Clear Expectations

Effective teams first create shared goals with specific success criteria before getting to work. This gives their members a common goal to strive toward and specifies how they will be assessed, i.e., on the basis of measurable results rather than just the quantity of work they complete.

A proper plan, clear goals and gets the team on the same page and allow them to imagine the outcome which keeps them motivated. Regularly reviewing the status of the work progress further ensures that there would be fewer errors in other future tasks that the team is required to perform.

2. Selflessness in Teamwork

6 Characteristics of an Effective Team - By Egniol

In an ideal team, members fulfil their own duties and also help one another throughout the operation. Trust and deep commitment toward the team’s success, create a healthy environment and establish a positive workflow overall. Keeping one’s personal agendas aside, and working in harmony, should be a mutual objective.

Selfish team members who only remain concerned about achieving the bare minimum won’t make a significant impact in the long run. As said by Hellen Keller, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This should be the mindset of the entire team.

3. Accountability

The importance of ownership has been stressed a lot in recent times. Similarly, a team member should be accountable for the entire team and not just for the tasks he/she has carried out. An accountable team is one that follows through on its commitments, finishes projects on time, and meets its goals.

Building robust systems for accountability like regular planning, goal-setting, or standards around sharing progress updates ensures accountability feels easy. Members must maintain discipline and follow the process and own up to their mistakes when something goes wrong.

4. Conflict Resolution

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” In the same way, there are often situations in teams where opinions differ and conflicts can arise. This can be difficult, but a leader has to ensure that this is where real communication develops.

Although there are many voices, the goal and the message has to remain one. At times, individuals have to let go of their individual interests. Open communication, practising active listening, respecting viewpoints and remaining calm help members and the team maintain decorum.

5. Defined Team Roles

6 Characteristics of an Effective Team - By Egniol

Roles in a team can be divided into 3 categories, mainly Action-oriented, People-oriented and Thought-oriented. Depending on the skills of a person, a team leader is assigned and delegates tasks as per the skills of the member.

Communication between the Leader, Facilitator, Coach, Member, & Creative Director should be transparent in order to avoid any confusion. Building an effective team is like preparing a meal wherein the addition of the correct ingredients in the right quantity is of paramount importance to achieve the desired taste.

6. Flexibility

A flexible attitude ensures team members are given enough freedom to work and aren’t confined to work in the way they’re told. There can be multiple methods of doing a task, and nothing should be imposed before hearing out the opinions of all team members.

As we’ve experienced during the pandemic times, people have had to remain available at all times to ensure a team meeting is done. Coordination and adjusting according to the preferences of others is critical.

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