Affiliate Marketing in India - Beginner's Guide - By Egniol

Affiliate Marketing in India – Beginner’s Guide

What is Affiliate Marketing?

One might wonder what affiliate marketing is, but the fact is that all of us have seen it but are just unaware of the terminology. So think, when was the last time you wanted to buy a phone, laptop, jacket, a BBQ grill, a pair of shoes, a nice watch or anything for that matter, and you went on to look for videos on YouTube which gave you to a tutorial/review of it. Either that, or you did not want to buy a product and just came across an ad and wished to buy it. You could also have browsed something like “Best chairs under ₹10,000” which gave you an article to help you reach a decision.

In all cases, there would be a link which you’d follow to reach a certain landing page where you could buy the product. If the creator or marketer who produced that piece of content provides you with their own link to buy it, then it is called an affiliate link, from which they make money. In other words, affiliate marketing is when you advertise the products or services of other people on your website in exchange for a cut of the sales you bring in. Commissions are frequently a proportion of the sale price, but sometimes they may be in the form of a fixed sum. 

Below 6 points will help you understand and get started with Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose a platform

With a wide range of social media platforms available, choosing a suitable platform is crucial when starting with Affiliate Marketing. However, for affiliate marketing, the 3 main effective platforms are Blogging, YouTube and Instagram. Blogging refers to creating your own website and providing informative SEO-optimized articles which would then take a reader to a certain product affiliate link. Similarly, on YouTube & Instagram, you would create static or video content in order to entice an interested buyer to click on the links.

2. Select a Niche

Affiliate Marketing in India - Beginner's Guide - By Egniol

Exploring all the categories or focusing on multiple things on the same website, Instagram or youtube can become a problem as your audience wouldn’t be able to connect well with you. Instead, catering to a similar kind of audience at one time generates more trust and gains you more affiliate partners.

It is preferable to engage with seasoned experts or influencers who create content for their audience. Professionals can assist you in producing reliable content that will increase traffic, keep readers interested, and increase affiliate sales.

3. Identify & Join Affiliate Programmes

Primarily there are 2 types of programs which are:
A) High-paying, low-volume affiliate programs
B) Low-paying, high-volume affiliate programs
There are other types too, but it is essential for beginners to understand these two before going any further.

In program A, the end product is a high ticket size product and usually sells less in volume. For example, a mid-range Business Software would cost around ₹20,000/month for which an affiliate marketer would make around 30%, but the pool of buyers will remain limited.

In program B, the product is usually one which has a higher audience and sells a good volume, but an affiliate marketer would make a small percentage for every product sold.

4. Drive Traffic to your Affiliate site by producing Excellent Content

Research was conducted where people were asked where they research and buy products that cost $100, and they mentioned names of popular affiliate sights. After all, providing value to the reader who has visited your website is what creates a lasting impact.

An organised YouTube channel with helpful playlists about gadgets, lifestyles, appliances, culinary or any area, and Instagram guides, pre-planning festive guides are some avenues where you can create good content.

5. Get People to Click on your Affiliate Links

Affiliate Marketing in India - Beginner's Guide - By Egniol

It is important that enough stress is laid on the fact that the consumer of your content clicks on YOUR link first. This has to be reiterated as only if your link is clicked, a cookie will be generated so that even if the person does not buy your product at that moment, it is confirmed that they indeed visited the product page through you and not manually searched for it themselves.

For example, if a person clicks on the affiliate link of the product you’ve advertised, it’s possible that they’re looking around and would come back later. Even though they visit the website on their own later and purchase, you an affiliate marketer will still get a certain amount just because the driving factor was the affiliate link.

6. Clicks → Sales

Not every click will result in a sale, but certain tactics can be implemented to boost that conversion. Looking for merchants with programs that already have a good conversion rate is a good idea, to begin with.

Over time, you will start getting more clicks, but as you know, it’s the actual sales that count in affiliate marketing. However, there are a few brands that also pay an affiliate marketer based on the visits if getting consumer reach is their goal.

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