The 21st Call Of BIG BIRAC Is Out! Apply Now!

The 21st Call Of BIG BIRAC Is Out! Apply Now!

Need Of Government Support In Indian Biotech Industry

India has a diverse economy that consists of various industries. Simultaneous growth of all industries is what the government focuses on. Several industries are lagging behind and hence need a special approach. It is more about an equitable approach than an equal approach. 

Startups and new innovations are the key to faster growth and development for such industry niches. It not only is the answer to unemployment but also supports the notion of being a self reliant nation. India is one of the most startup friendly countries, it not only encourages innovations but also supports them with aid and grants for financial assistance. BIG BIRAC is one such funding programme for the biotech sector. The biotech sector of India has witnessed a steep growth in valuation in the past ten years and on top of that, the Pandemic added to it.

What is BIG BIRAC?

The BIG stands for The Biotechnology Ignition Grant and BIRAC stands for Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council. BIG is a flagship initiative for BIRAC. It works for the recognition and investment of innovative ideas. This is unique to the biotech sector and the ideas must be commercially convertible and should have a good enough potential.

This is to support individual entrepreneurs with their startups from almost start to finish. It provides assistance from the stage of ideation to proof of concept. Grant-in-Aid of up to INR 50 Lakhs is provided for an 18 months period by the BIRAC under the BIG scheme. It is the largest funding programme for early stage biotech startups that provides financial assistance to innovative ideas. 

What Is The Aim Of BIG BIRAC?


The BIG scheme mainly aims to foster and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit to transform innovative ideas commercially. This is aimed at enabling the biotech startup economy to be competent enough for global competition. The bigger purpose of this scheme is to act as an impetus for the formation of enterprises.

Targeted Sectors

The targeted sectors of BIRAC under the BIG scheme are as follows:

  • Biosimilars & Stem Cells
  • Agriculture
  • Drugs including drug delivery
  • Industrial
  • Biotechnology and Secondary Agriculture
  • Bio-medical Devices & Diagnostics
  • Other related fields
  • Vaccines
  • Bioinformatics & Facilities

Who can apply?

  • Individual Entrepreneurs
  • who hold a graduate degree in any discipline
  • Research Scholar
  • Scientists
  • Startups registered as a company
  • Startups registered as LLP incorporation

What Is The Selection Process?

What Is The Selection Process of BIRAC

A three tier process that consists of 

  • online review, 
  • presenting before the Technical Expert Panel (TEP) and 
  • final selection done by the Expert Selection Committee (ESC)

Out of these, the online review stage and the TEP are under the management of BIG Partners. ESC is where all the TEP recommended proposals from all the BIG partners gather and then the process is further carried out.

Latest Updates

So far, through several calls, the BIG BIRAC funding has successfully impacted the sector in the following ways

  • 6000+ Proposals received
  • 120+ IPs Filled
  • 5 Networking BIG conclaves
  • INR 250 Crore Committed
  • 50+ Products developed
  • 100+ Women Entrepreneurs supported
  • 125 New Startups
  • 500+ Projects Supported
  • 75+ received follow-on funding
  • More than 750 ideas already supported

Apply For BIRAC Grant 2022

The BIG 21st Call for Biotechnology Ignition Grant is out for all the innovators! It aims at igniting new ideas and supporting budding entrepreneurs with excellent potential. Do you have an innovative idea with a strong motive and a vision to provide for the gap of an unmet need? Then you can be one of the BIRAC startups! 

Apply for the BIRAC grant 2022 to avail yourself of the support and mentoring from the Government. Contact Egniol Services at the earliest in order to begin your application process. Egniol Services provides consultation and complete assistance for startups to apply for Government grants and funding schemes. Our team of experts, helps you with all the necessary documentation and guides you through the procedure of application. To apply for BIRAC grant, get in touch with our experts today.

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