Healthcare Innovators Apply For Aarogyam Challenge Now!

Healthcare Innovators Apply For Aarogyam Challenge Now!

The Healthcare Sector Of India

A strong healthcare system is the backbone of a healthy nation. It strengthens the economy by improving the general health status. This enables individuals and families to contribute to national growth without any burden or health liability. The Pandemic was a shock wave to the entire economy. It has thrown light on the importance of the healthcare sector in the country and made it evident that it is the key to a better lifestyle for everyone. 

The health sector of India is witnessing a massive surge of entrepreneurial ventures. Innovation and new ideas are much needed for the growth of the health sector in India. Hence, the government is supporting such entrepreneurial ventures with grants and funding schemes. The budding healthcare startups are about to receive encouragement in the form of schemes and challenges that will help them with the post initial stage of the startup journey. Aarogyam is an accelerator and challenge on the same lines. Let us understand what Aarogyam is all about.

What is Aarogyam?

What is Aarogyam

Aarogyam is an accelerator and challenge for healthcare startups in India which are beyond the MVP stage. The challenge aims to recognize the potential future healthcare startups that are already past the initial stage of ideation. It focuses on concrete projects that have a prototype of their product/service and have already entered the market. The challenge is supported by the Atal Innovation Mission and organised by the AICGUSEC.

The broader aim of the challenge is to inculcate innovation, accessibility, and affordability into the healthcare sector. This is a drive to make healthcare better and affordable for all the strata of society. The ageing population and a steep decline in birth rates as well as increased healthcare expenditure calls for insightful actions in the concerned sector.

Targeted Areas

The BIG scheme mainly aims to foster and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit to transform innovative ideas commercially. This is aimed at enabling the biotech startup economy to be competent enough for global competition. The bigger purpose of this scheme is to act as an impetus for the formation of enterprises.

Targeted Sectors

This challenge is focused on certain areas of the healthcare sector, namely:

  • Device and Diagnostics
  • AI & ML in healthcare
  • Robotics
  • Point of Care devices
  • Wearables
  • Telemedicine & Telecommunication
  • Skills for Healthcare Workers
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Medical Tourism
  • Health Insurance

Benefits Of The Challenge

The challenge basically aims at benefitting budding healthcare startup ventures. The several benefits of the challenge are as follows

  • Financial Grant of up to Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • Investment of up to Rs. 50 Lakhs
  • Bootcamp
  • Incubation
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Coworking & Infrastructure
  • IPR/ Patent Facilitation
  • Investor Connects
  • Networking
  • Cloud Credits


There are certain criteria that the applicant of the Aarogyam challenge must have to be eligible for the same. The applicant should have Innovative Solutions in Healthcare/ Healthtech Sector, the startup must be DIPP recognized and apart from that the startup must be beyond the MVP stage/ with a demonstrable PoC.

Apply Now!

AICGUSEC organised the Aarogyam challenge which has announced its last date to accept applications from innovators. This is the call for all the entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that are converted past the MVP stage. If you are a healthcare startup owner then you must apply for the challenge before it’s too late!

The last date to apply for the challenge is 24th December 2022. That’s just around the corner, right? Don’t worry, we at Egniol Services are here to help innovative startups like yours avail the benefits of Government grants and schemes. Consult the experts of Egniol today to apply for the Aarogyam challenge now. Healthcare startups, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Apply For BIRAC Grant 2022

The BIG 21st Call for Biotechnology Ignition Grant is out for all the innovators! It aims at igniting new ideas and supporting budding entrepreneurs with excellent potential. Do you have an innovative idea with a strong motive and a vision to provide for the gap of an unmet need? Then you can be one of the BIRAC startups! 

Apply for the BIRAC grant 2022 to avail yourself of the support and mentoring from the Government. Contact Egniol Services at the earliest in order to begin your application process. Egniol Services provides consultation and complete assistance for startups to apply for Government grants and funding schemes. Our team of experts, helps you with all the necessary documentation and guides you through the procedure of application. To apply for BIRAC grant, get in touch with our experts today.

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