Seed Fund

Startup India Seed Fund Scheme

The Government of India's Startup India initiative aims to create a strong startup ecosystem in the country in order to foster innovation and provide chances for aspiring entrepreneurs.
This Action Plan outlined a strategy for creating a favorable startup environment in India. As a result, a slew of initiatives has been launched to support startups. One such plan, the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme (SISFS), gives financial help to early-stage enterprises.

What is Startup India Seed Fund Scheme?

Having easy access to financing is critical for entrepreneurs in the early phases of their business's development. Startups can only get funding from angel investors and venture capital firms when they have demonstrated their concept. Similarly, banks only lend to applicants who have assets to back up their claims. Seed capital is critical for firms with new ideas to undergo proof of concept trials.

The Seed-Fund will be distributed to qualifying entrepreneurs through incubators throughout India.

Many new business concepts fail to take off because they lack the necessary funding for proof of concept, prototype development, product trials, market entry, and commercialization at an early stage.

Seed funding provided to such promising cases might have a multiplier effect, resulting in the validation of many company ideas and the creation of jobs.

We are providing 360-degree assistance to startups for their seed-fund application from the preparation of their documents to submission of seed fund applications along with all the legal works. We provide services for seed funding preparation, including the following: -

  1. Financial projections
  2. Business planning (Detailed Business plan)
  3. Pitch deck / Investor presentation
  4. Legal documents advisory and preparation.

Documents required for SISFS

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Company pan card
  • DIPP certificate
  • Director name
  • Contact Number
  • Pitch deck / Presentation