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Find a website developer to get you and your brand online, whether you’re just starting out or want to take your current brick-and-mortar business online. Website development comes with a variety of options, so it is important to find one that fits you and your website.

Website creation helps consumers learn about your firm’s services and products, why they are important to buy or use, and how your company differs from rivals. And if you are still looking for a developer for your start-up or to redesign your current site, Egniol is the one!

Our services are used to create, build, support, and evolve many sorts of web-based applications. In addition, we write, debug, and execute the source code of a software application. Also, we offer both website design and website development.

Here are our seven main steps of Website Development

  • Information Gathering,
  • Planning,
  • Design,
  • Writing and assembling content,
  • Coding,
  • Testing, Review, and Launch,
  • Estimated time: from 1 to 2 weeks.

Our digitally-driven existence has left us with no choice but to adapt to technology, and if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get started. It’s a no-brainer that Website Development is now necessary for you as a business owner. In order for your company to grow, your voice must be heard, your brand must be visible, and your objectives must be met. The key to making such things happen is website development. A website, like the eye, is the window to the soul, giving clients a taste of what you have to offer and persuading them to explore deeper for more.

Website Development - By Egniol

Website development is a method of making people aware of the services and/or goods you provide, understanding why your products are important and even required for them to buy or use, and determining which of your company’s characteristics set it apart from rivals. Displaying this information with high-quality images and a well-thought-out presentation will have a large influence on customers, and it is important to strive towards making your product as relatable and appealing as possible. Additionally, with website development, you can:

Communicate with your visitors effectively: It is viable to make a website that enables you to get in touch with your customers and prospects, and you can produce valuable content for the audience associated with the industry or business you’re in.

Improve your connectivity: it will facilitate things like expanding your reach and attracting more visitors to your business.

Prove your reliability: It offers a straightforward method of showing the credibility of a business, and the way a person represents his business online is vital for attracting more customers or visitors.

How does Egniol Services price their website design projects?

  • Design: How many custom design templates are required to complete the project successfully?
  • Functionality: How much time will it take to develop custom post kinds, plugins, themes, and so on?
  • Size – How large is the website in regards to content migration?
  • SEO: Are we providing SEO consulting as part of our quotation?
  • Risk: Does the project present any risk that we need to consider?
Website Development - By Egniol

What are the most common factors that clients miss when determining the cost of constructing a website?

There are several of them, and they contain key project components such as:

  • Project goals
  • Features and functionality:
  • Design requirements
  • Content creation
  • Content migration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Target demographic
  • Competition
  • Website personas
  • Call to Action

We help marketers and business owners navigate the website design process in a methodical manner. This structure results in a website that serves as a unified hub for an organization’s marketing operations. We are here to assist you in emotionally connecting with your guests. We aim to help you build an atmosphere in which visitors engage with you on a human level, which inspires them to go the extra mile and convert into concrete members, prospects, and customers.

To summarize, it is apparent that website construction plays a significant part in effective business marketing. It would be extremely difficult to have an impact on a global scale without it. So, make your own life easy! Start adapting, Website Development, and getting ready to collect the benefits of your success.

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The Importance of Instagram for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - By Egniol

The Importance of Instagram for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Is Instagram important for business? Is there a digital marketing strategy in place at your company? The answer should be yes for both, in our opinion. A lot of individuals miss out on one of the finest Visual Marketing tools out there by not using Instagram for their company.
Over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories users use the famous visual-first social media platform. With this social network’s widespread popularity and the growth of visual marketing, every small business, Startups and not-for-profit needs to consider Instagram for their social marketing plan. Instagram brings us a world of marketing possibilities that aren’t available on other social media platforms.

What is Instagram marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy?

Instagram Marketing is merely another approach for spreading your marketing products through a specific digital platform. Moreover, what makes Instagram such a brilliant platform is that, many people are discovering that they can use influencer marketing to reach a larger audience.

Instagram may also assist you in increasing brand recognition and introducing new products. 130 million Instagram users interact with shopping content each month. Instagram enables you to market your business and product in a genuine, authentic manner, without hard selling to your clients.

What is Instagram marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy? - By Egniol

Why your start-up should use Instagram

Visual Marketing – On every social network, images quickly pull people in and capture their attention. Instagram, which is solely dedicated to photographs, entices a user’s interest on a regular basis. In the same manner, with its eye-catching photographs, simple creativity, and filters, is an easy and distinctive approach to promote your brand. In addition,  excellent location to advertise your company, Instagram has approximately 70 million photos and videos posted every day. Engaging Instagram strategies can assist enhance engagement and ROI.

Credibility – Digital credibility is essential for online success, and Instagram is an excellent platform for establishing credibility in your business. Share your extensive knowledge in your area on Instagram, whether through advice, fun facts, or the quality of your work. For instance, an interior designer firm, posting images of a large living room is a terrific approach to demonstrate trustworthiness. Along with your photo, your caption can provide advice on how to effectively arrange furniture to make a space appear larger. Whatever your business, Instagram may be a terrific method to share your expertise in the field.

Website Traffic – The images you post on Instagram will pique the interest of viewers who want to learn more about your work. A link to your website in your profile and particular page references in photo captions might improve website traffic! Furthermore, Instagram referrals and higher social rankings will benefit your site’s SEO (search engine optimization).

The multi-generational medium – Unlike Snapchat, (popular among youth)  , LinkedIn (popular among professionals) – Instagram is for everyone. Instagram bridges any divide by bringing together diverse groups of people via the power of photos. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at pictures? On Instagram, you may discover people from practically any walk of life.

What is Instagram marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy? - By Egniol

Does Instagram marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy really matter?

All of the social platforms appear to provide the same advantages. However, Instagram’s networking and broadcasting functions may also help your organization. It helps by establishing an identity, build trust, market your products/services, and drive people to your website. If your business is heavily visual (visual products, services, events, etc. ), you should think consider Instagram.


What are your next actions now that you know more about Instagram marketing? Why not read Marketing for Digital Age and Social Media Marketing Myths to better understand your efforts!

Need Help with Your Digital Strategy?

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Social Media Marketing Myths - By Egniol

Social Media Marketing Myths

Social media marketing, like every significant marketing tactic of the last decade, has had plenty of time to gather some major myths. Despite the fact that data has disproven many marketing myths today, some marketers will continue to believe in a handful since it’s difficult to stay up with what’s truly going on with social media and Social Media Marketing.

Yes, social media marketing is an effective medium or channel for increasing business profitability in the least amount of time. Moreover, it is a dynamic medium that offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses to explore. For instance, they gain access to millions of potential customers for the promotion and marketing of their goods and services.

10 Social Media Marketing Myths

Myth #1: Using social media for business isn’t required.

It isn’t a passing trend; it is here to stay.

In today’s world full of tech-savvy and social media-driven youth, social media is essential when it comes to marketing so that your brand may be seen. Every size business, big or small, should be using social media.

Every large company (Zomato, Nykaa, Netflix, PlayStation) has spent the time to build their social media presence. It obviously succeeded, because we’re all familiar with these brands.

Myth #2. You must have a profile on each platform.

This is not a myth, but rather a common mistake made by both startups and established enterprises. Your first instinct when developing your social media strategy for Social Media Marketing is to create a profile on every platform.

That’s not a good idea.

Not every platform will be beneficial to your brand or organization. Create a plan and concentrate on the 2 or 3 that will have the most impact. Being picky will be more beneficial, especially as you learn how to manage your social media profile.

Myth #3.  Social media alone is sufficient for brand reputation

These days, a brand and a business are interconnected. It is true that social media helps promote your brand’s products and services by allowing you to directly communicate with your target clients.

However, you also need other traditional marketing mediums. Outdoor campaigns, exhibits, email marketing, and maybe even direct mailers are required for your company’s fail-safe branding. As a result, they complement social media strategy and enhances your brand visibility.

10 Social Media Marketing Myths - By Egniol

Myth #4.  You do not need to pay for anything on social media

There is no question that social media is a free medium in general. There are, however, certain particular services or free social networking tools that you can use after paying a nominal fee.

You may, for example, run a sponsored campaign for your social media posts. These populate the same on a dashboard, displaying to your target audiences in order to gain the most views from possible buyers. The most obvious example is personalized Facebook branding, which simply captures users’ attention to your business.

Myth #5. Posts should only be scheduled during the work week

While you shouldn’t make your social media manager work on weekends, you may absolutely plan posts or run social media advertisements on weekends ahead of time – and, depending on your audience, this may be a smart idea.

Of course, you’ll need to figure out when your target audience is most active on social media. While peak social media interaction periods are in the middle of the week, most platforms also have peak engagement times on weekends and evenings

Myth #6. More fans and followers improve your brand

Social media exposure and reputation are influenced by quantity and quality. It is true that you need as many fans and followers as possible for your business. Do all of them, however, respond to your company’s calls to action? Certainly not, as relevance is equally critical in this instance.

This is why it doesn’t matter whether you have a small number of fans and followers for your brand. You must continue to make efforts to make your brand accessible on social media platforms in order to generate leads and convert them.

Myth #7. Every post should promote either your business or your products

Posting every single product that you sell is a good way for your new followers to hide your page and never see it again. The primary goal of social media marketing is to interact and engage with your followers and users.

Post content and products that your user personas are looking for and might need to solve a problem they have. Be purposeful and selective with your posts. Try following, like, commenting on, and retweeting other people’s posts to interact with them.

Myth #8. On social media, hashtags are the elixir of life

Hashtags have taken over the social media landscape. Almost every social media network, from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, is flooded with them! I’m sure you’ve come across at least one post that was crammed with every marketing hashtag imaginable.

This is a beginner error that might have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation. Use them sparingly and only when absolutely required (the trending hashtags on Twitter are the safest bet). If not, skipping them is a smart idea.

10 Social Media Marketing Myths - By Egniol

Myth #9. You don’t have enough content to justify having a social media presence

The truth about social media is that it travels at breakneck speed. What is posted today may be forgotten about tomorrow. “I don’t have enough stuff to post,” it’s tempting to think of this as a problem. However, you could simply reuse or re-share fantastic material on a regular basis.

If your content is about an evergreen topic, it will almost always be valuable, even if you repurpose it later. This isn’t to say you should share the same link and post remark every day, but if a few weeks pass and you want to re-promote something, go for it. Simply do your dedicated followers a favor and provide a fresh fascinating piece of information in your post.

Myth #10. If you’re absent for a while, it won’t matter

Consistency always wins over frequency. Businesses who publish even a few times a month, but do so on a consistent basis, will establish a larger, more devoted following than those that attempt to do too much, become busy, and then stop posting for many months. Determine a reasonable, achievable frequency for your posts – one that you can commit to week after week. Then follow through on it.

Lastly, now that you’ve learnt about the myths surrounding social media. As a result, it is necessary to debunk them and harness the potential of the platform to bring success to your company. This will undoubtedly assist you in taking full advantage of your channel.

At Egniol, we offer complete consultancy and services to help you with digital marketing and social media trends to help you promote your brand with SMM, Content Marketing, Website Development and Branding. We weave personalized methods while addressing and emphasizing business-specific goals. And while you’re at it, check out our social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

GeM (Government e-marketplace) - By Egniol

GeM (Government e-marketplace)

Introduction to Government e-Marketplace (GeM)

The Government of India has created the GeM (Government E-Marketplace) platform to introduce transparency to the previous Tender process for government procurement. The major goal of the GeM portal is to improve transparency, efficiency, and speed in both governmental procurement and employment. By registering through this portal, the seller as well as buyer can buy or sell their products to the government.
GeM (Government e-marketplace) - By Egniol

What is GeM portal?

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM), created in a record time of five months, enables online procurement of common-use goods and services by many government departments, organizations, and public sector undertakings.

The Government e-Marketplace is an e-commerce portal for the federal government. It serves as a one-stop shop for the convenient online acquisition of consumer goods and services required by many government departments. GeM aims to improve public procurement transparency, efficiency, and speed. It offers tools like e-bidding, reverse e-auction, and demand aggregation to help government users get the most value for the money.

Thus, it is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can list their products for direct purchase or auction. Moreover, the department makes contact with the registered person and gives them the bulk order. Through this method, the government has extended its hand to vendors who wish to do business with them to meet the government’s many demands at the lowest cost.

GeM Advantages for Buyers

  • Provides a rich listing of products for individual categories of goods/services
  • Provides a rich listing of products for certain categories of goods/services
  • Enables buying Goods and Services online, as and when required.
  • Ensures transparency and ease of purchase
  • Maintains a consistent vendor rating system.
  • A user-friendly dashboard for purchasing, tracking supplies, and making payments that is always up to date.
  • The availability of a simple return policy

GeM Advantages for Sellers

  • Direct access to all departments of the government.
  • One-stop marketing shop with minimal effort
  • One-stop shop for bids / reverse auction on products / services
  • Sellers get access to a new product suggestion service.
  • Dynamic pricing: The price of a product can modify on market conditions.
  • A user-friendly dashboard for selling and monitoring supplies and payments for sellers
  • Purchase practices that are consistent and uniform

The buyer can use this portal to search, compare, and choose the best option. User can use filters by entering the product’s specifications, quantities, and other parameters. Likewise, sellers can list their products in accordance with regulatory regulations. Subsequently, prices can adjust in response to changing market demands and conditions. Additionally, the seller can keep track of supply, payments, and product availability. As well as, sellers can also place bids on their products using this platform.

GeM eliminates human intervention in the vendor registration, payment, and order posting processes. Being an open platform, it offers no entry barriers for legitimate providers that want to do business with them. At each stage, purchasers and his association’s president, as well as payment authorities and sellers, receive SMS and e-mail notifications.

Moreover, GeM is a completely secure platform, and all documents on GeM are e-signed by buyers and sellers at various stages. As a result, supplier details are checked online, which aids in improving due diligence regarding the trustworthiness of providers that seek to do business on GeM.

Why opt for GeM registration?

GEM registration allows manufacturers, small dealers, and service providers to gain access to a large and dynamic online platform where they may directly sell their products. Moreover, it also offers services to customers from government agencies, organizations, and PSUs. Meanwhile, it enables authorized governments to purchase goods and services directly from private traders and manufacturers timely and hassle-free.

GeM (Government e-marketplace) - By Egniol

How GeM is different from Government E-Marketplace startup runway?

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a platform for online procurement. In addition, it is the most used route for public procurement. Small and medium-sized enterprises, startups approved by DPIIT, and other private companies are eligible to register as vendors on the Government E-Marketplace site and offer the specified products and services directly to government departments.

The “GeM startup runway,” is a one-of-a-kind concept launched by the government e-Marketplace in collaboration with Startup India to foster entrepreneurship through innovation. In addition, it is a new effort created by Government E-Marketplace to enable businesses to reach out to the universe of government purchasers by selling innovative, and unique products.

Benefits for DPIIT recognized startups on GeM

  • Exemptions from requirements: Startups excludes from stringent selection criteria such as past experience, turnover, and so on.
  • Pilot projects: The opportunity to work on government trial orders, making them more willing to take a chance on a new product.
  • Buyers can rate the mentioned goods or service on the portal as a feedback instrument.
  • Flexibility: It allows for the selection of a wide range of products, all of them which must be innovative to get published on the platform.

Egniol Services is a leading consulting firm – GeM Portal Registration services provider & best consultants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We offer a step-by-step registration process for new vendor registration on GeM Portal, seller registration, buyer registration, and Government E-Marketplace tender Bidding services. Learn More.

MSME – The Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises - By Egniol

MSME – The Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises

MSME - The Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises

India, being a young country, is undergoing significant transformations. Similarly, the government is willing to implement favorable programs to support existing or developing MSMEs. MSME stands for micro, small, and medium enterprises. The Ministry of MSME is also working hard to convince MSM businesses involved in the manufacturing, processing, or preservation of goods, that starting a business doesn’t have to be costly.

During the last five decades, the micro, small, and medium enterprises and startup sectors have grown into lively and active elements of the Indian economy. Firstly, it contributes to the country’s economic and social development by encouraging entrepreneurship. And, second only to agriculture, providing the most job opportunities at the lowest cost of capital. In other words, it was developed to assist MSMEs in becoming more competitive by promoting, enabling, and strengthening their competitiveness.

Do you want to optimize your company’s potential? Get your MSME registration with our assistance. At Egniol, we have a team of professionals committed to helping all business owners obtain the maximum benefits available from the Indian government and law. For instance, we offer registration, compliance filing, and subsidy liaisoning services.

In 2006, the Indian government passed the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Act (MSMED). It is as follows: 

MSME - The Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises - By Egniol

The chief objective of the scheme is to

  • Reduce unemployment by creating new jobs.
  • Encourage India’s entrepreneurial culture.
  • District-level grassroots economic development
  • Facilitates innovative entrepreneurial solutions for unmet social needs.
  • Increase the competitiveness of the MSME sector by encouraging innovation.

What are the benefits of registering?

  • From priority lending to cluster financing with subsidized bank loans, there are several choices available. And the possibility to implement the most up-to-date quality management standards.
  • New industrial units and expansions registered as MSME are free from paying Stamp Duty and also Registration Fees for the first year of operation.
  • Subsidies -A 50% subsidy for patent registration is being offered to the appropriate authority. Also, subsidy of up to 75% of the actual expenditure is available for product licensing to National or International Standards.
  • The Udyam Registration Portal is linked to the Government e-Marketplace as well as several state government websites that offer easy access to marketplaces and e-tenders. As a result, registration as an MSME makes it easier to obtain government contracts.
  • Similarly, once registered, the cost of obtaining a patent or starting a firm decreases due to many discounts and concessions available.
  • MAT credits will take forward for up to 15 years, instead of 10 years,
  • One can get finance for their business after their MSME registration 

Banks: How Beneficial Are They?

  • The registered ones have lower interest rates. Moreover, Public Banks that lend least 60%  to small businesses are specialty micro, small, and medium enterprises.
  • A composite loan ceiling of Rs. 1 crore will get obtained according to the RBI Master Circular on lending to the MSME sector dated July 1, 2010

The Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) delivered through Business Incubators by Ministry. Program’s main purpose is to promote the innovation of new business concepts (new/indigenous technology, processes, products, methods, etc.) that can implemented within a year.

Any individuals or Micro and Small Businesses (MSEs) with a promising business concept can approach the scheme’s authorized business incubators. As such, other institutions with in-house incubation facilities, assist new ideas & entrepreneurs – engineering colleges, management schools, research labs, etc.

An incubator or host institute can submit up to ten-concepts for review, under this scheme. As a result, it covers 75%-85% of the project costs (INR6.25 lakh per concept). Besides, the BIs would also receive Rs 3.78 lakh (per idea) for infrastructure and training costs.

MSME - The Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises - By Egniol

Relevance of MSME Registration

World MSME Day is celebrated on June 27th to recognize the importance of MSME enterprises in any economy’s growth and development. Above all, this day celebrates the contribution of MSMEs to the country’s economic growth and job creation.

MSMEs are rapidly expanding, thanks to government backing and young people interested in starting a new enterprise.

At Egniol Services we offer legal and accountancy services to Indian businesses, including everything from business registration to digital marketing. In other words, we’re startup enthusiasts with a passion for eCommerce, legal services, and business consulting. Contact us on our website to take advantage of our services.

Startup Business Strategy - By Egniol

Startup Business Strategy

Numerous entrepreneurs still overlook the significance of a business plan. In competitive era, a lack of plan and innovations will surely pave the way to disappointment. Rather than diving in without any concrete Startup Business Strategy, a plan provides a foundation for sustainable business growth.

A excellent business plan will accompany you through each stage of the startup and management of your company. Your business plan will serve as a road map for how to establish, run, and grow your new company. It’s a technique of thinking about the fundamentals of your business.

Startup Business Strategy

The first stage of startup includes – Assessing your readiness, deciding on a business structure, conducting request exploration, and developing a business plan are all way in the process. Compactly describe your company and why it’ll be successful. Include your charge statement, your product or service, and introductory information about your company’s leadership platoon, workers, and location. However, you should also contain financial information and significant growth objects, if you intend to seek backing.

Then are the key factors of a planning summary

  • Business Model – What’s your product or service? How will you make a plutocrat?
  • Target Market – Who’ll profit from this product or service?
  • Business Opportunity – Why do consumers need your product or service?
  • Marketing Strategy – How will these consumers learn further about your product or service?
  • Competition – What other companies are contending for request share?
  • Pretensions – How will your incipiency transfigure the business with this product or service?

Targeted Market

Understand your target market by defining the audience for whom your specific products or services are designed. You can construct detailed buyer personas that help you upgrade your marketing tactics by doing in-depth data analysis and evaluation of your prospective clients.

Consider the following factors when segmenting your audience 

  • Demographics – What age group? What gender?
  • Geographic – In what country or city do your prospects live?
  • Actions – What websites/ blogs/ news sources do they use?
  • What are their purchasing habits?
  • What are their purchasing habits?

Competitor Analysis/ Study

Learn as much as you can about your competitors; this will be critical in your marketing and sales strategy. It can assist you in identifying the key differences between your firm and the competition such as

  • Why should people buy my product or use my service?
  • How can I improve on the market’s existing solutions?
  • Why aren’t people already buying the things on the market?

By considering current trends or defects in existing products, you can uncover areas for innovation that will allow your company to interact with customers on a deeper level.

Service or product line

Describe the product or service you provide. Describe how it improves your consumers and the product lifecycle. Emphasize the connection between what you are offering and what people require so that you can demonstrate that people are ready and eager to pay for your product or service. Share your intellectual property plans, such as copyright or patent filings.

Management & Operational Structure

Human capital is an essential component of any business. This stage of the startup business plan template dives into the individuals who comprise your company. You must showcase the capabilities and experience of your current team, as prospective partners will invest in the team as much as the business idea.

Startup Business Strategy - By Egniol

Marketing and Sales plan

At this stage start planning the marketing strategies to target your customers. In this section, you must detail how you will acquire leads and customers. At the base level, you should do the following:

  • Launch a company website (social media presence)
  • Develop a strategy to get organic traffic (i.e., visitors from search engines like Google)
  • Consult with the companies offering digital marketing strategies for immediate online exposure and sales
  • Develop channel partnerships
  • Think about ways to gain customers’ attention and showcase your product/services in front of them.


Have a complete report and a clear understanding of your company’s operational plan. Any firm, whether it is a manufacturer, trader, supplier, or service provider, requires a set of reliable vendors and suppliers. Any excellent business plan must include relevant facts about your company’s goals, as well as plans such as:

  • What can you do to manage your firm efficiently?
  • How should day-to-day operations and tasks be handled?
  • What are your business hours?
  • How will your operations ensure that your clients have a positive experience?

Finance Management 

If you don’t have any balance sheets, cash flow reports, or even a continuous stream of income to base your estimate on, it might be daunting for many new entrepreneurs. In conclusion, knowing how much money you’ll need to start and run your business is crucial. 

When it comes to financial matters, your business plan should include details about:

  • Revenue streams – how will the company generate income?
  • What are fixed and variable costs for running a business?
  • Work out the expected profitability of the company?
  • How to keep the fixed cost under control?
  • Financial milestones – Detail your expansion strategy by considering future hires or store openings that will impact the books.

Legalities & Compliances

Startup legalities involve getting timely registration of GST, Trademarking of the brand, MSME certificate, copyrighting of content, timely ROC filings, and timely accounting process. For Startups and SMEs drafting legally viable business agreements and contracts is a top priority.

Egniol Services helps you with all of the above legalities. With our experience, you have one less thing to worry about. Allow us to handle all the legal and marketing aspects of your business so you can focus on innovation.   

Digital Marketing For the Digital Age - Egniol

Digital Marketing For the Digital Age

At Egniol, we talk a lot about digital marketing as a powerful tool for attracting, engaging, and delighting online visitors. However, we continue to receive a large number of questions concerning digital marketing from people all around the world. As a result, we decided to respond to them. At this point in time, digital is at the heart of everything in marketing – it’s gone from being “one of the effects marketing does” to being “THE thing that marketing does”.

All marketing methods that employ an electronic device or the internet are classified as digital marketing. Digital channels such as hunt machines, websites, social media, dispatch, and mobile apps all have an impact on businesses.

That is the official explanation.

However, digital marketing is simply marketing.

It allows you to reach a bigger audience than you could with traditional methods, as well as target the prospects most likely to buy your product or service. It’s also often less expensive than traditional advertising and allows you to track success throughout the day and pivot as needed.

Importance of Digital Marketing - By Egniol

It is no surprise that moment’s consumers are online hanging out on social media, staying streamlined on news spots and blogs, and searching online when they’ve got a need.

That is why, for greater marketing results, you must be online as well – capturing people’s attention, evoking interest in your products and services, and generating sales through online channels. Assume, for example, that Google marketing perceptive determined that 48 percent of consumers begin their research on search engines, 33 percent visit brand websites, and 26 percent do their searches using mobile devices.

By using an omnichannel strategy, marketers may gain vital knowledge into target followership movements while also opening the door to new kinds of client engagement. Employee retention should also improve, according to companies.

Traditional marketing was time-consuming, difficult to track, and costly. This is why digital marketing has changed the game altogether. To begin with, online marketing is simpler. It gives you with a variety of options for communicating with people. The road from outsider to buyer is shortened with digital marketing, and each client’s lifetime value is increased. It covers a large network of digital touchpoints with which clients interact on a regular basis, and in order to use these channels effectively, one must first understand them.

Content marketing

It is a marketing strategy used to attract, engage, and retain followership by creating and participating in applicable papers, vids, podcasts, and other media. This approach establishes moxie, promotes brand mindfulness, and keeps your business top of mind when it’s time to buy what you vend. Content is king when it comes to creating quality leads and promotions, which sustains healthy growth.

Social media marketing

It is the use of social media to seek a company’s products or services. Companies can use social media marketing to communicate with guests and attract new audiences while promoting their culture, charge, or tone. A means to communicate with guests and locate certain implicit consumers. It helps brands communicate in a casual and conversational manner. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat are the major social media sites.


Your website is the primary point of contact for a successful digital marketing strategy since it directs callers to your website, which should efficiently convert callers. Both your online and offline selling sweats will nearly clearly drive business to your website. Whether it’s to learn further about your services and goods, to arrange or buy them, or to gain contact information.

Importance of Digital Marketing - By Egniol

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is generally less expensive and offers more opportunities to maximize your budget. Any business in any field can benefit from from it. Whatever your business sells, digital marketing requires creating buyer personas to understand your target demographic and creating valuable online content. That is not to argue that every association should apply a digital marketing plan in the same way.

At this stage, digital marketing is vital for your business and brand awareness. It seems like every other brand has a website. And if they don’t, they at least have a social media presence or digital advertisement strategy. Consumers now expect and count on digital content and marketing to learn about brands. And to be competitive as a business owner, you will need to embrace some aspects of digital marketing.

Because it has so many alternatives and ideas; you can get creative and test out different marketing strategies on a budget. It also allows you to track campaign progress and ROI more efficiently than traditional marketing methods.

Internet advertising is far more sophisticated than the channels themselves, allowing marketers to seamlessly insert their brands. To fully harness the potential of marketing, marketers must delve into the present’s big and sophisticated cross-channel universe. Engaging visitors digitally increases brand awareness. It establishes you as a recognized leader, and positions your firm at the ready to buy stage.

Digital marketing hasn’t just changed marketing. It’s improved!

How Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme is a Game Changer - By Egniol

How Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme is a Game Changer


The word “startup” means a business in its initial phase of activities. Startups are established by at least one entrepreneur who wants to produce a product or provide a service for which he/she believes there is demand in the market. These organizations more often than usual start with significant expenses and restricted income, which is the reason they search for capital from various resources. so, Government launch Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme.

But the major problem incurred by such startups while attempting to procure capital is that they are so new and fresh that they have no credibility such as proof of concept or an asset base, based on which banks or other non-banking financial institutions can give out loans or contribute capital in other ways.

The Indian Start-Ups have been fairing extremely well in the current business ecosystem of the country and the world in general. In just a few years, India has managed to make it to the list of top 3 countries after the USA and China, with the most flourishing startup environment and it seems to show no signs of slowing down.

In a country as big as ours with the second-highest population in the world, Startups have provided a great opportunity to multiple people who have business acumen but have not been able to fit themselves in the conventional working system of the country. Start-ups allow people to be their bosses and enjoy the autonomy that comes with owning one’s own business without much interference from outside.


Tracking the growth rate of Startups in India and realizing all are the obstacles involved in setting up a successful start-up, the Indian Government has taken various steps like Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme to help foster an ecosystem that encourages more and more entrepreneurs to work on their startups.

During the event of the Start-Up India International summit on 16th January 2016, Mr Narendra Modi, honourable Prime Minister announced the launch of ‘STARTUP INDIA’ under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). Under the seed funding scheme of the initiative, capital will be provided to startups for various activities such as:

  • Proof of concept
  • Prototype development
  • Market entry
  • Commercialization

This would empower these startups to graduate to a level where they will be able to raise capital through private supporters or investors or look for credits from business banks or monetary organizations.

The government has allocated a budget of Rs. 945 crore for this Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme which will be used to provide up to Rs. 50,00,000 to each startup via incubators.

So, the government will avail the funds to incubators which in turn will further provide the same to startups and their entrepreneurs. With the use of such funds provided under the Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme, the startups will be able to meet the basic requirements necessary to start a successful business for eg. proof of concept, prototype development, market entry and commercialization.

Once the government has provided sufficient funding to the start-up, the business will be able to function much more smoothly and have a much higher success rate as compared to 2016 when no such provision was available to aspiring entrepreneurs by Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme.


Incubators are organizations that are tasked to promote creativity and encourage entrepreneurship amongst the citizens of the country. They provide capital in the form of both funds and infrastructure to startups to help them in various initiation activities of a business. These Incubators get incentivized by the government and they, in turn, assist entrepreneurs in the form of funds and infrastructure.

Under the Start-Up India Seed Fund Scheme, 2021 the incubators can register themselves through the official portal and once verified and approved by the government, they will be provided with Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme. Then start-ups will reach out to such incubators and seek funding from them.

In case of a start-up want to apply for such funding directly in Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme, they can do the same via the official portal and once registered, they can choose from various official incubators and pick the one which suits them the best.

This way, not only are startups provided with funding but they are also given enough autonomy and flexibility to decide things at their convenience.

Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme - By Egniol

The goal of this area freethinker plot is to give monetary help to the beginning phases of startups. A significant challenge faced by startups is sourcing seed funding in the beginning phases of the business. Numerous startups with inventive business thoughts come up short on the monetary means even to test the reasonability of their product or services, foster models or lead item preliminaries.

Private backers and funding reserves normally face the challenge of putting resources into a startup solely after confirmation of the common sense of thought and banks require security such as a strong asset base for credits. The Start-Up India Seed Fund Scheme expects to conquer capital insufficiency and give funding for confirmation of the idea, model turn of events, product trials, market passage and commercialization to chosen startups through Incubators across India.

Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme will especially help Startups in smaller towns with lesser financial assistance options to receive funding directly from the government without having to go through the hassle of finding private investors, especially when the start-up is in its initiation stage and investors and lenders have their reservations about such investments.

This plan is worked by the public authority not simply to advance the new age of businesspeople, yet in addition to making a powerful startup ecosystem that will produce business, especially in more modest towns. The seed funding is most likely going to help startups in areas that have gotten less assistance from venture financing than those, for example, online business, food tech, travel and education.

The plan will advance virtual hatching for startups by setting up an internet-based system. This will empower the plan to have a more extensive reach, and permit it to adapt to the continuous pandemic circumstance. Simultaneously, the intricate qualification models and administrative cycles might make the execution of the planned testing.

Start-up India Seed Fund Scheme - By Egniol

The size of the Startup market share of India in 2021 has almost doubled in the past year since 2020 and currently stands at $1.2 billion and the government has taken up various initiatives to encourage more entrepreneurs to float their own business as per the demands of the customers.

From small home-based businesses involved in making resin jewellery to more formally organized businesses with a wide circuit of functioning, the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme will benefit all and provide a more lucrative operational environment that will help Startups establish and flourish.

Apart from Startup India, the government has launched initiatives to nurture the potential of Startups in our country. A few of these programs are

  • Make in India initiative: To utilize the potential of our population and production capacity
  • Startup Innovation challenge: It is an incredible open door for any startup to use their systems administration and raise money endeavours.
  • Ranking of states on support to Startup ecosystem: It is a developed assessment apparatus expected to reinforce the help of States and UTs to comprehensively fabricate their startup environments.
  • Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Startup Forum was dispatched in October 2020 to create and further develop startup biological systems on the whole.
  • Prarambh: The ‘Prarambh’ Summit aims to provide a platform for startups and young minds from around the world to come with new ideas, innovations and inventions.

With all these initiatives in place, this is the best time for any entrepreneur in India to invest their time, talent and resources into their Startup businesses. The government’s constant endeavour for the past few years has been to look inwards into the Indian market and focus on ways to promote more and more Indians to produce goods and services in the country itself rather than importing such things from other countries.

Therefore, The Startup India Seed Fund Scheme will help startups overcome the problem of initial funding of their businesses to indulge in activities like prototype development, entering the market, marketing the business and commercialization of their ideas.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for a Start-up? - By Egniol

Why is Digital Marketing Important for a Start-up?

Success is never certain when it comes to a start-up business. Marking a presence in the mind of the audience/customers and digital marketing is an important tool for survival for any business. How would one know about your business?

The first thing in the morning or the last thing at night we check is our Instagram, Facebook and other Social Platforms. The importance of social media cannot be eliminated when it comes to building a brand.

What’s more creative than creating an image for a brand in the mind of your audience? 

Digital marketing covers almost every aspect of the promotional needs of a business. Digital marketing can often be done at a much lower cost than traditional marketing. While print and television advertisements can cost thousands of dollars, an online advertisement may only cost a few hundred dollars. Also, a blog can reach thousands of readers for the cost of creating articles and paying for a server. Digital marketing allows start-ups to reach new clients and develop relationships at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Following are some of the explanations for why a start-up needs digital marketing

Why is Digital Marketing Important for a Start-up? - By Egniol
Setting Target Audience

By connecting with individuals carefully via a digital platform, you can begin and anticipate what precisely they are searching for. What are they looking for? What arrangements would you be able to offer? Rather than speculating, advanced showcasing gives you instruments and strategies for discovering who your genuine clients are. Along these lines, you begin constructing a relationship with your shoppers. They start to believe you are like an accomplice.

Using correct hashtags can help your content to reach your target audience. Compared to advertising on TV, radio, and various other platforms, digital marketing costs less and impacts a large number of audiences at the same time. Using digital marketing to promote your small business will help you have a much better business success chance.

Maintain Company’s Identity and Reputation 

Periodic updates on social platforms help to increase reach and engagement on the post. It helps the company to promote any new product, feature or service easily to the audience. The customer will remember what they see and learn about your company through the post when they see regular updates on the digital platforms. 

Get an impressive return on your investment (ROI)

Online marketing strategies have an awesome return on investment (ROI). It is very cost-effective to use online marketing methods. This leaves room for a great ROI because you don’t have to spend much money to run a campaign. It doesn’t cost much to run a PPC campaign or social media ad campaign, compared to some traditional methods, which allows your business to have an opportunity to grow.

Drives more Sales 

The primary objective of businesses, including start-ups, is to make high marketing projections. Whatever business you do, such as selling items or offering types of assistance, get where the crowd is keen on your offers? 

Making a higher sale creates income and benefits, which is preferably significant for business achievement on the lookout. Without digital marketing, you have almost no opportunity to draw in clients to your business or urge them to purchase from you. 

A digital marketing campaign promotes your product or service and presents them before your crowd, and that will be generally interesting to them. You can tell and feature your product and service have genuine worth and advantages to the most extreme number of individuals utilizing digital marketing. In addition, you can extend your span to different media channels, like online media, email, direct publicizing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, to guarantee your messages are generally welcomed by your whole crowd.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for a Start-up? - By Egniol
Use Metrics to Drive Success 

More customers are utilizing cell phones to get on the web and look into items. As a result of the inescapable admittance to conventional PCs and cell phones, online marketing is quite possibly the most proficient method of advertising to the consumer. Likewise, it offers ongoing measurements for the start-up to check the accomplishment of its mission. Rather than attempting to figure the number of newspaper readers who took a gander at a print promotion, the start-up quickly figures out the number of viewers to their advertisement and can strategies accordingly.  

Start-ups with the help of digital marketing can alter their advertising way to deal with explicit areas and socioeconomics. These modern apparatuses permit advanced advertisers to look into the client’s purchasing conduct and distinguish new opportunities. Additionally, digital marketing makes it simpler to find which contributions are helpful and which items ought to be made to coordinate with the customer’s requirements.

With the above information, you can see that there are multiple reasons which prove to us why digital marketing is important for Start-ups. Well, setting up a start-up is not as easy as it seems. But the unique digital marketing strategies will surely help. Contact us today to learn and strategies your digital marketing. 

Why does a Startup need Business Consultancy? - By Egniol

Why does a Startup need Business Consultancy?

A startup business consultancy helps you simplify the dynamic and uncertain business environment that your startup will be hitting soon. Starting up a business brings along a lot of hard work and hassle for entrepreneurs. The business consultant makes it easy to research prevailing market conditions and also future uncertainties.

Let it be a human or a company, we all need a mentor at a point in time to regulate our growth by providing the right guidance. A Business Consultancy is like a mentor for fresh business startups. They can provide adept suggestions to overcome business challenges and even bottlenecks.

Reasons why you need a business consultancy for your startup

Expertise knowledge

A startup Business Consultancy helps with the optimum knowledge and right knowledge for a business which may be beyond the understanding of the business owner. The startup Business Consultancy has handled a lot of business and knows all possible opportunities and threats in better terms. The growth of a business comprises numerous tasks and processes all aiming at developing and grabbing opportunities in the market. A startup consultant can help you to identify such opportunities for the business.

Creates a path

Where does your business stand today on the growth chart? Are you able to meet ends for the targets you have designed for your business? The startup consultant will take care of all arising questions and problems for your business. They will help the business with a road map and a clear idea of possible implementations at the required time. Strategizing is the key for any business, but it’s especially crucial for startups. Clients partner with experienced consultants to plan critical steps for their startup business. Most startups have a great idea but no clear path to achieve it. The Business Consultancy has got the business covered for such requirements.

Guide the financials

Most startups fail due to limited funds available to them. The startup owner has to scratch their head when the idea is just unique but facing scarcity of funds to implement it. The consultancy will guide all available funding sources; let it be private or government. The government of India has also introduced many schemes and loans for startups. The business consultant will help you with the best available scheme for your idea. The consultant will also help you with the required documents to apply for the same.

Identifies problems and give unbiased feedback

It gets tough for a startup to examine all the factors of uncertain market conditions. Most startup starts working with a small group of people and at times fails to recognize the right decision for the required point of time. It is always about making the right move at the right time. 

A startup is a fresh entry into the market and might not get a clear idea of when and how to put a step forward. This is why receiving real-time honest and unbiased feedback from someone can be immensely helpful to the startup. That’s why startup Business Consultancy can provide a much needed external outlook to the practices and core model of the business.

Enlighten with all required documentation

The Business Consultancy will be transparent with each need of your business. They will guide with the legal formalities and beneficial certificates that will help the business to adapt to ongoing business trends. A startup might not know about the existing certificates, platforms and loans by the government. The consultant will hold your hand to cross all such requirements.

Egniol realizes the importance of your business idea and welcomes you to fulfil your startup dream. Our team looks forward to revolutionizing the Indian startup space and take them to greater heights. We aid your business to get the government recognized and avail of various benefits under the Startup India Scheme by the Indian Government. We also provide legal services to facilitate certifications like Intellectual Property Rights (Trademarks & Patents), ISO certificates, IEC certificates that will strengthen your market presence. 

Our consultancy aims to bring out the best in your business. Contact us today to learn more.